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The concept I had in mind from the start was pretty simple: make people discover french food in a gourmet street food format. Cooking with the freshest ingredients available in the market to bring authentic french flavors using traditional French recipes. 




Nicolas, Co-Founder



Paris Panini opened doors in November 2019 on the busy 12th Main Road in Indiranagar. The walls are beautifully painted with hand-drawn parisian streets and the space will litterally transport you to a parisian cafe. The with an extensive menu focus on gourmet panini and other french street food like delicious crepes to give you the most authentic experience.

From a food truck

Back in 2015, Nicolas started a brand called Le Casse Croute (how you call a sandwich in French), in Bangalore. 

Started off with a food truck, it quickly became the talk of the city serving delicious sandwiches all around Bangalore. But due to the lack of regulations for the food trucks in Bangalore, Nicolas had to rethink how to scale his product and concept.

That's when he met AB and Nikhil, the brothers behind The Pizza Bakery. They were serving different products but shared the same passion for gourmet quality food using fresh ingredients. 

In 2019 they decided to start Paris Panini by serving gourmet panini and french street food with a decor that makes you feel you're sitting in a parisian cafe. 

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