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The concept I had in mind from the start was pretty simple: make people discover french food in a gourmet street food format. Cooking with the freshest ingredients available in the market to bring authentic french flavors using traditional French recipes. 



Nicolas, Co-Founder



From a food truck

Born in France, Nicolas moved to India after years of experience with French cuisine. Missing his sandwiches back home he decided to experiment and soon after, in 2015, started a food truck aiming to bring gourmet french street food to Bangalore.

Started as one of the first food truck in the city in 2015, his journey is quite remarkable, from finding a truck (a school van in fact), getting it modified, getting authorization to park, to dealing with BBMP, traffic police and so on. But this didn’t stop him to drive around and sell his sandwiches from his van. Introducing a different cuisine and product wasn’t easy, but Nicolas’s presence was essential to understand his audience and develop the concept and product.

Nicolas had also in mind to change the perception that people have about street food in India, being mostly unhealthy and unhygienic at this time. That's where the design of the truck was very important, with an open counter so that his audience could see the food being prepared in front of them. A real live kitchen experience in a mobile van.

The menu when he started was very limited, about 10 items in total. Limited items with more focus on the quality of the products and freshness of the ingredients used. Everything served was made from scratch, with love and passion, including the french fries that were made from raw potatoes, peeled, cut and double-fried like how they're served in north of France where he's from. His passion and dedication to his brand and products caught people's attention. The food truck became very popular that he was invited to cater to all major celebrations in the city as well as birthday parties and weddings.


The food truck scene in Bangalore was very unpredictable because of the lack of regulation. Nicolas had to rethink on how to scale the operations. That’s when he met AB and Nikhil from The Pizza Bakery, and together they decided to partner, rebrand and move the food truck concept to a brick-and-mortar format. Keeping the same values, they worked on a more elaborate menu to give you the most authentic experience as if you were seating in a Parisian cafe.

Paris Panini opened its doors in November 2019 on the busy 12th Main Road in Indiranagar. The walls are beautifully painted with hand-drawn Parisian streets and the space will literally transport you to a Parisian cafe with an extensive menu focused on gourmet panini, signature french fries, freshly brewed coffee, and delicious crepes to give you the most authentic experience.

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